30 in 30 – Heat

Miami Heat

The end of the Dwayne Wade era in Miami is over and there are still many positives for Heat fans.

After Wade carried them to the Eastern Conference semi-finals this past year, he left and has returned to hometown Chicago.


The Heat would invest their time into securing their centre, Hassan Whiteside, for another four years at $99,000,000.

A clever move as the former second round pick continues to mature mentally and physically. His game has improved as Whiteside averaged 3.7 blocks per game and over 10 points and rebounds per contest.

The Heat chose not to participate in this years draft and instead dipped into the free agency pool for guard Dion Waiters whom may be a good scoring option to replace DWade in Miami.

Though Waiters, obviously, isn’t as prolific a scorer as Wade, they are similar players, both have big egos and both have a high level of athleticism.

Watch out for – Justise Winslow  – creative scorer.

Heat have a high level scoring roster and the Heat’s backroom staff have added nicely on the defensive end.




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