Sporting Hindsight is a Tough Thing

It is draft night, 2017, the Philadelphia 76ers have just traded with the Celtics to own the first pick and have just selected Markelle Fultz. In that moment they were right to do so. Fast forward to today and I'm sure that GM Bryan Colangelo is kicking himself. But hindsight is a cruel thing. Fultz, a … Continue reading Sporting Hindsight is a Tough Thing


Alma – Plug In / Plug Out

Stoke on Trent’s leading indie-punk four piece are back with their new track PLUG IN / PLUG OUT, released on September 4th.   Alma’s ever growing fan base has been rewarded for a patient wait after their last single Help Me was released in January and their debut EP Last Orders was released in October … Continue reading Alma – Plug In / Plug Out

Pivotal Games

Two of the Central Division's most prestigious teams face a tough decision with their superstars during what could be a busy off season of rebuilding. The Indiana Pacers and The Chicago Bulls face big decisions on whether to trade their superstars Paul George and Jimmy Butler, respectively. The Pacers have let down George after being swept … Continue reading Pivotal Games

The Two Most Exciting Teams in the NBA

One of the main things which emerged from the NBA 2016-17 season was not a surprise: the New York Knicks are still trash. The other main thing was a surprise, after adding Kevin Durant the Golden State Warriors did not break their own regular season record of 73 wins. But two other teams left a … Continue reading The Two Most Exciting Teams in the NBA