Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh is really cold. Like its a type of cold I have never felt before. Put it this way - I wear shorts in the middle of winter, in the snow, in the rain but I could not cope with Edinburgh castle. I was wearing pyjama bottoms with joggers over them and five jumpers and … Continue reading Edinburgh Castle


City Break Round Three

Over Easter I lost my caravanning virginity and went to Bristol for a couple of nights. Even though it doesn't seem like they have any shops that you can actually purchase something or a fish and chip shop - it is an amazing place. After arriving and setting the caravan up at around 12:15 I headed … Continue reading City Break Round Three

Train Travelling 

As I depart Sausset-les-Pins station at around 8:30am all I see on the grass and trees surrounding the tracks is a crisp frost which will be gone within the hour. The early morning sun, which made an orange and pink painting in the sky, would soon work its magic and warm the little French village … Continue reading Train Travelling