Single Review – Comedown

This will be my best music review to date. My band and I have released our first single. Comedown is banger. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Links:


EP Review – White of the Waves

If you have never heard this quirky artist from Worcestershire expect to be blown away. I would usually include a paragraph or two about the lyrics but White of the Waves have made this impossible for me, there is none. And it works perfectly. Each track from their debut EP, ‘There are no Word’s, has … Continue reading EP Review – White of the Waves

Slaves – Take Control Review

Slaves stayed out of the well known sophomore slump with their second studio album, Take Control. The second album is the hardest album according to many music experts. The Kent duo have bucked this trend. After many saw the duo as a 'joke' band after songs such as 'Where's your car Debbie?' and 'Wow!!7AM' - Slaves … Continue reading Slaves – Take Control Review


It is not even 9:30am and already it is the best day I've had all summer. Ever since seeing Jaws live in Manchester, the anticipation has been constantly building. And today I received this message: 'NEW JAWS SONGGGGGG' How modern technology is brilliant. Rather than sending a message pigeon with a note saying the same thing … Continue reading DAY!