Slaves – Take Control Review

Slaves stayed out of the well known sophomore slump with their second studio album, Take Control. The second album is the hardest album according to many music experts. The Kent duo have bucked this trend. After many saw the duo as a 'joke' band after songs such as 'Where's your car Debbie?' and 'Wow!!7AM' - Slaves … Continue reading Slaves – Take Control Review


Cam Penner & Jon Wood: Otley Courthouse

Friday afternoon I rushed home from university in anticipation of the night I've been waiting for for months. Cam Penner and Jon Wood, at Otley Courthouse, playing to an audience of around 60. I bought tickets in early October as a surprise present for my family, after my mum introduced me to the country-folk duo as … Continue reading Cam Penner & Jon Wood: Otley Courthouse