EP Review – White of the Waves

If you have never heard this quirky artist from Worcestershire expect to be blown away.

I would usually include a paragraph or two about the lyrics but White of the Waves have made this impossible for me, there is none. And it works perfectly.

Each track from their debut EP, ‘There are no Word’s, has a very experimental vibe and the brains behind the operation, Jay, told me the decision behind scrapping lyrics was a consequence of artists structuring their songs around the vocals a little too much; ‘generally, but not always’ he tells me.

Creativity is the catalyst to success in the music scene these days, the high-pitched guitar solos act as the lyrics, punching home with each note. This certainly resonates that creative spark.

The EP’s opener, ‘Pure’, is exactly what it says on the tin. The clean guitar and fitting drums are a truly pure opener to start of the meaningful and powerful debut EP.

The flow from each song is perfect, the calm ending of ‘Anita’ into the anticipating feedback and guitar of the last tune, ‘Shimmer’, offers one of the best verses to totally zone out.

This music would be perfect after a night out, say in the taxi drive home from a heavy session. Its upbeat enough to keep you pumped up for an after party, but relaxing enough to lose yourself in.

The links to the EP are all online at http://www.facebook.com/WhiteoftheWaves


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