Mac Demarco – Brixton Academy

This is going to be a strange kind of review, Mac DeMarco is my idol but I’m trying to keep my journalism head screwed tightly on (thats hard to do).

Mac DeMarco’s dates in London’s Brixton Academy (30th and 31st of June) came a couple of weeks after the release of his new heartfelt album ‘This Old Dog’. The music off this new album has got slower but his onstage antics are as daft and as lively as ever. Thats what truly captivates such a wide audience.

People around me were complaining about the crowd going mental: ‘you can’t mosh to Mac DeMarco’. But its hard to when his vibe is so captivating, why not indulge yourself in his energy.

Mac indulged in the Godfather theme tune and kicked off an insane set with Salad Days after introducing the band in his usual way.

Old song, new song the pattern went, and after a 15 minute version of Moonlight on the River, Mac threw in one of his old-old classics Rock and Roll Night Club.

Introducing it with something along the lines of: ‘Do you know what we are making for you this evening – Rock and Roll. And do you know where you are – a night club.’

As the last three/four songs start Mac’s onstage energy increases, chants of ‘Take it off’ ring around Brixton Academy – Mac hesitates for around 0.5 seconds before taking his tucked T-Shirt off – cue the crowd loosing their heads.

The last song of the evening Still Together – a 30 minute version – involved Mac trying to suss out what people were chanting from the crowd – ‘Corbyn, Corbyn Corbyn!’ Some say music and politics shouldn’t mix, but thats up for debate.

Jamming in the middle of Still Together the now five-piece create their own rendition of A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton – Andy and Mac’s harmonising was low-key insane and whilst Mac climbed upon amps topless and the band fed eachother beer – the atmosphere was electric for the final chorus. Said final chorus created one of the best things I’ve heard at a gig, thousands of people trying to hit Mac’s infamous high note.

Mac’s undoubted charm and energy and musical talent created the perfect mix for a mental Brixton Academy.

I think I managed to keep journalism head on okay without ‘fangirling’ too much.


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