Pivotal Games

Two of the Central Division’s most prestigious teams face a tough decision with their superstars during what could be a busy off season of rebuilding.

The Indiana Pacers and The Chicago Bulls face big decisions on whether to trade their superstars Paul George and Jimmy Butler, respectively. The Pacers have let down George after being swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers during Round One of the Playoffs. The Chicago Bulls’ front office don’t know what to do, win now and build around Butler or trade him and rebuild.

Game four of the Pacers v Cavaliers was a seriously important one, forcing a game five may have reinstated some belief and confidence into George ahead of the offseason. Now, however, the Pacers have a dilemma: according to multiple reports George is unhappy in Indiana and wants a trade out ASAP.

One potential suitor for George is his hometown Lakers. LA would provide a ‘win now’ mentality for George with a young core. The Pacers would only accept an offer if LA’s draft pick is included, therefore it must remain inside the top three. Rather than loosing George for nothing in 2018’s free agency, the Pacers should cash in now.

As for the Bulls, their only real option should be to keep Jimmy Butler. The guard/forward is a top ten player and boasts an all round game. In other words he is an untouchable piece of the Bulls roster.

If the Bulls were crazy enough to trade Butler combined with Isiah Canaan, the Celtics are the only real suitors. Throwing in Brooklyn’s 2017 and 2018 first round picks, Jaylen Brown and Jae Crowder and Terry Rozier (to be waived).

The Boston Celtics are one of the best bets for both sides as they boast many great pieces, including top draft picks this year and next – for a rebuilding team this is the most attractive piece of the puzzle.

Prediction: The Pacers will trade George and the Bulls will finally gain some sense and rebuild around Butler.



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