The Year of the Guitar

2017 has its doubters after a pretty shit 2016 in truth. But, to accompany 2016’s shitness, there was some good content in the music scene.

By the end of the year JAWS were hitting big whilst sticking to their indie-rock roots, the heartbreaking breakup of Nai Harvest had introduced us to their child – Luxury Death – and a distinctive relaxed guitar-centred genre was breaking in.

After Happyness burst onto the music scene with song ‘Montreal Rock Band Somewhere’, it was from here where 2016 would introduce me and a lot of others to more artists with distinct relaxing rhythms such as Mac Demarco and Glass Animals. This would give us a smaller insight to what 2017 holds.

Just around the corner is more relaxing music based around guitar riffs. Magic Potion are a band whom may break into bigger things this coming year, their guitars work and off-the-beat lyrics work perfectly together.

As mentioned earlier, Luxury Death, are a band from Manchester using a 90s style to show how different music can really take off and accelerate. We can expect an album from them this year; and based on seeing them live supporting Happyness in Sheffield last Autumn and the quality of their first three singles its going to be worth the wait.

London based three piece, The XX, will release their new album, I See You, this year and have also announced a European tour during Spring. They are arguably way ahead of their time with the relaxed sounds of ‘Islands’ and they will release an album this year which will almost definitely follow this pattern after listening to their first single ‘On Hold’.

Another thing that stuck out to me whilst looking for a festival to go to is how many stereotypically ‘relaxing’ artists are at various different festivals this year.

Maybe its a different interpretation of music now compared to that of around five to ten years ago. Less hype and throwing yourself around; more lets have a pint of beer and keep it in our hands as we embrace the time.

Three to listen to:

Car Seat Headrest:

I tried to keep all the music English but I couldn’t resist featuring this chilled Virginia based four piece.


A little bit contradictory to the relaxed theme of 2017’s music but Birdskulls Nirvana-esque sounds deserve to be acknowledged.


Similar to Mac Demarco, HOMESHAKE uses the guitar and drum combination to create an almost sleepy atmosphere.


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