Moose Blood @ O2 Institute

The most perfectly rehearsed Moose Blood set was paired with three ideal support acts.

The Canterbury four piece were supported by Luca Brasi, Boston Manor and Turnover at the first show of their UK tour.

Luca Brasi didn’t set the crowd on fire but nonetheless, they are a band to look out for in the future should the Tasmanian four piece come over to the U.K. again.

From the minute Boston Manor started, the crowd came to alive. Having toyed with the idea of seeing them, the announcement of their support came with a welcome surprise. The hard guitar and drum combination along with all five members’ appealing style kept everyone energised, eyes to the front.

The final support act, Turnover, are a chilled four piece rock band from America. They currently have two albums out and their American Football-esque guitar managed to hook many new fans. ‘New Scream’ got the best crowd reaction and the drop from chilled guitar to harder drums and bass, strangely, got the biggest pit of the night.

Boston Manor warmed us up for Turnover who kept it going nicely.

And then for the main act; Moose Blood could only build on this already mental gig.

Making their way onto stage, illuminated with their ‘Blush’ pink colour scheme, the first few cords to Pastel set the crowd off and the already high standards were well and truly being smashed.

A mix of songs would follow the newer, ‘Knuckles’ and ‘Sway’ just to name a couple, were played with as much class and passion as the older such as ‘Pups’ and ‘Bukowski’.

The crowd was a lot more energetic than many thought – with one gig-goer stating that she ‘expected nothing like it’.

A wave of calm would appear when the opening of ‘Cherry’ rang around the Institute. Lead singer, Eddy Brewerton, close up to his mic invited everyone to sing along – not that any invitation was needed. His proud grin summed up Moose Blood.

A band made of real people aiming to create music not just for their own benefit. They do it for their love of music and their listeners.

I met Brewerton after a cold hour wait after the gig and he told me how there was nothing he would rather be doing than playing music.

They truly are a down to earth set of guys, after everything I asked or said Brewerton looked shy and just thanked me.

If you haven’t listened to Moose Blood then you must. They are currently on a tour of the US before returning to England to support A Day to Remember with Neck Deep.


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