Slaves – Take Control Review

Slaves stayed out of the well known sophomore slump with their second studio album, Take Control.

The second album is the hardest album according to many music experts. The Kent duo have bucked this trend.

After many saw the duo as a ‘joke’ band after songs such as ‘Where’s your car Debbie?’ and ‘Wow!!7AM’ – Slaves have proved that they are here with the same amount of grit as their youthful appearance suggests.

The noisy duo’s appearance on Later with Jools Holland summed up what they all about. An act able to stand out from the mainstream music scene with their almost-controversial lyrics and their distinctive two piece sounds.

Isaac Holman’s heavy hitting drums and rough voice with Laurie Vincent’s powerful guitar on Take Control’s opening take, ‘Spit it Out’, lay a high bench mark for the rest of the album.

The reasonably heavy tracks are broken up with shorter tracks such as ‘Mr Industry’, ‘Fuck the Hi-Hat’ and ‘Gary’. They all invite the listener into the recording of the album and adds an added sense of humanism to Slaves.

The album is produced by ex-beastie-boy Michael Diamond (Mike D) and in track ‘People That you Meet’ Holman sings about just that.

‘He used to be a Beastie Boy/ But now he works for me’

NME jokingly stated that the production was finalised with ‘snot and sawdust’. I know where they are coming from, however I would emphasise that this adds a human-feel to the album.

Despite the albums overall quality there are a couple of tracks which will be skipped; “STD’s / PHD’s’ doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the album. It’s alien-like sounds are like a Justin Bieber fan in a Slaves pit. You just don’t fit.

The loose production of ‘Take Control’ creates the feeling that Slaves have a unique something that would otherwise be lost if it was a ‘perfectly’ produced album.

It is hard to see a limit for Slaves who head out on their U.K. tour starting on November 10th at Bexhill De La Warr Pavilion.

41/2 STARS OUT OF 5…





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