30 in 30 – Spurs

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs legendary big man Tim Duncan has retired and their ageing roster may be likely to loose another member during the next offseason.

Nonetheless you can just never underestimate Greg Popovic’s men.

The Spurs have added Pau Gasol to their roster almost to replace Duncan. The Spanish centre/forward averaged a double double during his time with the Bulls last year and will undoubtedly do the same in San Antonio.

Spurs also signed David Lee, another forward/centre as they look to replace Duncan (easier said than done). Not as good as Gasol but he is a cheap threat.

Pair these two bigs with LeMarcus Aldridge and the Spurs have scoring and defending talents in their front court, once again.

Guard Dejounta Murray joins the Spurs after being selected number 29 overall. The 20 year old was projected as a top 20 pick and the Spurs will feel that they have another good scoring option after impressing in their first preseason game.

Watch out for – Kyle Anderson – good shooter

The Spurs will always be there or there about’s as their mentality and physicality is always perfect.






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