The Magic Gang @ O2 Institute

The first of many autumn gigs lined up set the bench mark for some quality music.

The Magic Gang are a four piece indie band from Brighton and headed out on their tour with support from ISLAND and Babeheaven.

ISLAND are also a four piece band and their traditionally chilled music, perfect for an autumn night, was heavier and bassier. They were the perfect act for the time.

Their new song, ‘Waves’, fully demonstrates what ISLAND are about. Rollo Doherty’s powerful vocals, Jack Raeder’s high pitched guitar and their steady drums really create a song you can tell was written with passion and emotion.

There is a complete difference in styles between the next support band, Babeheaven and The Magic Gang, but a similar passion for music.

The five piece band also offered something very different. There was a complete contrast between their appearance and their style of music. You expect a powerful voice accompanied with powerful drums and guitar paired with some upbeat synthesizers but their new single ‘Heaven’ is the complete opposite:

Listen here:

For the next hour The Magic Gang turned the previously laid back Institute into a different venue. Songs such as ‘Jasmine’, ‘Only Waiting’ and ‘All This Way’ really show that The Magic Gang possess the talent to grasp the higher leagues.

Making their way on stage to a crackly ‘Its Magic’ by Sarah Vaughan before it morphed into ‘Lady, Pease’, summed up the quirky nature of the band. The light-hearted tune was followed simultaneously by ‘She Doesn’t See’ and ‘Jasmine’. These three would set the tone for the evening with Room 3’s 300 capacity coming alive.

Even though singer and guitarist Kristian Smith is damn near to perfect, he managed to prove that no human is that after forgetting one opening line. An innocent smile and all was forgiven.

The mix between their newer tracks like ‘Blue for You’ and ‘All This Way’ and the older such as ‘She Won’t Ghost’ emphasised the quality of band from the very start to the present day.

The night hit its climax during the encore as ‘No Fun”s bass and drums started before the emergence again of the two front men, Smith and Jack Kaye.

The short series of gigs come after the release of their second EP called ‘The Second EP from’. The Magic Gang will go on to support Spring Kings on their UK tour throughout October, along with Get Inuit.


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