30 in 30 – Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

After loosing their star big man a couple of summers back who would have predicted that the Trail Blazers would be so high up the ranking table.

Their height is mainly down to guard (and rapper) Damian Lillard who should find himself high up the voting charts for MVP this year.

Lillard comes off the back of a season where he averaged over 25 points per game and almost seven assists.

The emergence of Allen Crabbe and C.J. McCollum helped Lillard and this year with the addition of centre Festus Ezeli the Trail Blazers could push further into the playoffs.

As well as Ezeli the Trail Blazers signed Evan Turner to a four year deal at $70,000,000. A high price for a still unproven player.

Trail Blazers traded a future second round draft pick and ‘cash’ to the Magic for rookie Jake Layman who will not add offence straight away to the Blazers and may have to wait his turn.

Watch out for –  Mason Plume – rebounder.

The Blazers can push any team and have the foundations for a successful season full of upsets.


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