30 in 30 – Wizards

Washington Wizards

Washington have arguably the second best back court duo in the league. Bradley Beal and John Wall make scoring inside and outside look effortless.

Like their decision not the take part in the draft, their free agency was equally confusing.

They signed Ian Mahinmi, Andrew Nicholson and Jason Smith and traded a second round pick in 2021 for Trey Burke.

As it stands the Wizards really aren’t blessed with depth. They have one decent starting centre, Marcin Gortat, one average scoring power forward, Markeiff Morris and two average small forwards.

The addition of a new head coach, Scott Brookes, was the biggest change in Washington this year. But things could have been so different. Mid-July and the Wizards stood as favourite to sign Kevin Durant, if they had, Wall, Beal and Durant would have been an unstoppable force in the East.

Watch out for – Kelly Oubre JR – Good wing option.

No major change in Washington will leave them sitting in the middle of this years Eastern Conference standings.




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