Peaceful Protests

During the opening weekend of the NFL season, players and franchises demonstrated their frustration at the USA’s clear racial discrimination.

Throughout pre-season San Fransisco 49ers quarter back, Colin Kaepernick, refused to stand and sing whilst the USA’s national anthem played.

Peaceful protests took place during the US National Anthem during the week one of the NFL season too. The Seattle Seahawks players linked arms and Miami Dolphin’s Arian Foster and three other players dropped to one knee.

It has been widely reported in the press world wide that the US’ police force have taken fatal shots at unarmed black men in recent past, with over 100 apparent innocent black males being shot in 2015 alone.

People’s opinions have been split by the recent protests but surely in the ‘Land of the Free’ it is good to stand for what you believe in.

American football players are role models, they are watched by millions globally, their message is bound to be seen by many different cultures and races around the world. It is a powerful stance.

A young San Fransisco 49ers fan sees their QB kneel because he wants to see a fairer American culture, what is wrong with that?

It may ignite the child’s ability to question news and create their own views.

A refusal to sing, by many Americans, may be deemed unpatriotic and showing disapproval to everything that their armies have fought for.

The best part about all this is that the US national anthem contains this line:

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The land of no free speech? The land where black males have to brave to leave the house?

There is still an obvious divide in white and black communities, like there was years ago during 40 decades of slavery. We can not just forget that and just remember tragic events such as 9/11.


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