30 in 30 – Lakers

LA Lakers

Seeing a team with so much history as the Lakers suffer is never nice.

Kobe Bryant’s retirement and Luke Walton’s appointment as head coach signal the start of a new era.

The Lakers’ biggest free agent signing was one of the most frowned upon deals. Imagine singing a centre who only averages seven points per game and five rebounds to a contract of $64,000,000 over four years. Well that is exactly what the Lakers did with Timofey Mozgov.

Their draft was decent. Ingram was a no-brainer and after averaging 17 points per game and around six rebounds he has the foundations to be a real player. He is of a similar stature to Kevin Durant when he was a rookie. But those comparisons may be a little premature.

Throw Ingram in the mix with second year guard D’Angelo Russell and third year forward Julius Randle who are set for break through seasons and Lakers could push any team.

Watch of for – Larry Nance JR – versatile scorer.

The new era for the Lakers may well be another period of Championships, highlight plays and moments to remember.





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