It is not even 9:30am and already it is the best day I’ve had all summer.

Ever since seeing Jaws live in Manchester, the anticipation has been constantly building. And today I received this message:


How modern technology is brilliant.

Rather than sending a message pigeon with a note saying the same thing – a gentle buzz in my hand and my day turned to Gold (Jaws song).

And rather than queue up in HMV waiting for a single I may not be guaranteed a copy of – I had downloaded ‘Right in Front of Me’ in around five seconds.

Once these long five seconds passed it was through the car stereo and playing way too loud for 7:50am on a Wednesday.

The song is another perfect example of Jaws’ distinctive guitar and Connor Schofield’s magical voice.

I could hear and feel it in the Deaf Institute, floor shaking, sweat dripping and a decent dude from Leeds next to me. The pits that open, the pushing from behind and the bruises the day after. Its what we live for, bring it on.

It is a song that you could just forget everything to and lose yourself in.

The count down clock on Jaws’ website was edging ever closer to 9am and coffee the fanboy inside me was well and truly alive.

Tour or album, who cared?! Both are a banging option.
Album on the 4th of November called Simplicity. A tour to go with it, probably.




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