Music is Important

One of the most important characteristics in another person is their music taste.

It goes under the radar with more frequently thought of things such as their sense of humour, their idea of the ‘perfect day’ and their face.

I’m talking a similar taste in genre rather than liking the exact same artists, which can get boring and repetitive.

A similar taste enables you to bounce songs off each other, introduce each other to different artists and reintroduce old ones.

It is one of the most important aspects of life, I couldn’t imagine not singing every lyric to Nai Harvest in the shower, or Moose Blood on the way to work.

When it comes to music I am a bit of a nerd – I could sit all day talking about new artists and comparing them to your favourites whilst trying to find whom they based their sound on.

There is not many feelings better than finding a new favourite artist or song.

‘We have such a similar music taste, we can listen to what ever, where ever.’


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