The Demise of British Music

Whilst reading NME on the train home from Manchester last Friday I realised that modern British music is in crisis.

Landlord, the new album released by Giggs, was one of the featured albums reviewed in the magazine and within said review they labelled the grime artist as ‘one of Britain’s most important artists’.

Now this triggered questions in my mind mostly along the lines of ‘what the hell has happened to British music’.

Britain once boasted acts such as The Beatles, Queen and The Rolling Stones (the list could continue).

In the 70’s Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin dominated the music scene. And the 80’s saw The Smiths, The Cure and Iron Maiden rise to British musical importance, reaching out to numerous different countries around the world.

Now all we can boast about is how Coldplay aren’t that bad anymore, Giggs won best Hip-Hop artist in America in 2008 and Skepta can shout over a bang average trap.

Britain’s only musical hopes now lie in the smaller bands, such as Happyness, Jaws and The Magic Gang. Talented musicians are no longer appreciated as much as they were.

The consumer wants music on his/her radio injected into their ears and most of it is chart trash.


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