How Fitting Things Are

Today my family and I celebrated my nan’s life with the most perfect service. It was comforting to see how well everything fitted.

It is a strange sensation when something fits so well whether that be a conversation, a combination of tastes or happily married couples holding hands.


Why am I bringing up cucumbers I hear you ask? Tuesday me and my grandad did some gardening and I was curious as to why his cucumbers had spikes on them. Turns out it is because it was a ‘male’ cucumber.

Back to today, the driver of one of the funeral cars, Tez, was talking about his life, his jobs and his ‘banana nosed’ dog, and how he had once been called to a job where he would drive the deceased to Guernsey, at £29 an hour may I add. Upon arrival he was put up in a private house with gardens full of green houses. Here he would take a cutting of grape vines and vegetables, he was always stumped as to why a particular vegetable had spikes – now he knows.


A few important notes: my nan’s favourite colour was yellow, her favourite flower was the sunflower, if you see a robin a family member is there in spirit, growing up my Nan, my sister and I had made ‘Hotel Perfect’ in a wooden pagoda in the back garden.

As I made my way round a woodland area in Portmeirion a robin landed on a tree near a red wooden pagoda, I am sure this was a moment as perfect as Hotel Perfect would be and obviously Nan wanted to be part of it. After sharing our thoughts, we continued round towards the sea where three yellow sunflowers had be placed perfectly in a bunch surrounded by rocks with one fallen petal lying alone on the floor.

Couples Holding Hands

I never met my Grandad, but the stories my nan told me always made me wish I had. A passionate Manchester City fan ‘through thin and through thiner’, he would come home from every game unable to talk after singing in the stands.

After he and my nan, my three aunties and my dad came back from living in Hong Kong for three years in the 1960s he sadly passed away when my dad was six.

Grip my nan’s hand tight and dance away with the stars.


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