A Work in Progress

Next January I am hoping to study in Canada and as I complete another day at work the goal is becoming more realistic but the routine is becoming equally dull.

When I was told I needed over £6000, my brain was anxiously trying to plan how to make money: what can I sell, any other jobs with better pay?

I realised my CV was shit and that I didn’t have anything of value to sell (selling myself wouldn’t go down well) and decided to stick with my current job, working behind the bar at a pub owned by actor Neil Morrissey.

Being a formerly hated figure by management for going to Lille under very short notice it was hard to get the hours I needed straight away, but after keeping my head down and with 60 hour weeks under my belt I hope all has been forgiven.

I have realised, with these long days, just how dull a routine is even in a job that I really do enjoy.

Ensuring an ale is perfect is strangely satisfying.

Bang on 4pm every single day of the week the rush starts. The ‘Carling Darlings’ arrive. Down a pint or seven. Then they head off.

The ‘Carling Darlings’ are now sat on the other side of the bar putting their well-earned money back into an industry in which they probably worked for £5 an hour to live their teenage dreams.


How about you take your Carling home in a two-pint-takeaway-carton and spend some time with your family.

On the other hand I guess you do pay my wages. Don’t take your Carling away otherwise I won’t be going to Canada.





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