Steph Curry Unanimous MVP

After a truly amazing season which defied all laws of physics Steph Curry has become the first unanimous MVP.

All 131 votes listed Golden State Guard Steph Curry as number one pick for the prestigious Most Valuable Player award.

Steph broke the record for the most number of threes in a season – 402 – by 116 (!!). The previous record (286) was set the year before  by, you guessed it, himself.

On top of this the 28 year old had a three point shooting percentage of 45.4% and over 50% on field goal attempts.

Curry becomes only the seventh player to join the 90-50-40 club. To do this a player must shoot over 90% free throw percentage, over 50% field goal percentage and 40% from three point range. He sits next to the likes of Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, Reggie Miller, Kevin Durant and Larry Bird.

It took Celtics legend Larry Bird eight seasons to hit 400 threes – and at the time he was the first player to hit 400 three point field goals at any point never mind one single season. It took Steph 82 games.

DeAndre Jordan has the leagues best shooting percentage, 70.3% as he just scores from within 10 foot of the basket. From 28 ft and beyond Curry shot 67.3% which is almost as much DeAndre missing by 3%. Just to clarify, that is over six foot from the three point line.

There is still one unanswered question which will continue for as long as the NBA continues. Is this season for Curry the single best of an NBA player, ever?

There is no proper answer to this question as peoples opinions differ but let Steph be Steph and enjoy it.

Steph has his own highlight-reel this year and you can check it out in a unique style in the link below.

His passing ability, handles and shooting skill-set may be the best group in one player the league has ever seen. He may not be the most athletic or powerful like Shaq or LeBron but what he lacks in that department he makes up for in creativity and quick thinking.


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