Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh is really cold. Like its a type of cold I have never felt before.

Put it this way – I wear shorts in the middle of winter, in the snow, in the rain but I could not cope with Edinburgh castle. I was wearing pyjama bottoms with joggers over them and five jumpers and gloves and a scarf and a hat. And it was almost spring.

But the temperature aside Edinburgh Castle is special.

We timed it rather perfectly, after getting up super early to move the car (because parking in Edinburgh is a nightmare). We walked up to the castle at around 10am and had finished our self-guided-tour by 12:50 to see/hear the One O’clock Gun.

Right at the very top of the castle is the chapel where you can book it to get married in – which is pretty cool (literally) – and behind to warm the cockles is a whiskey shop which offers free samples.

How fitting. Getting off your face after you realised you have just committed to a life time of “do this” and ” do that” and “don’t go to the pub”.

Anyway back to the arctic castle, I do feel like the Scottish government put hidden ice machines to force you into the castle’s two cafes so you can be warm and spend your money on hot chocolate, tea or whiskey.

Straight up a steep bank past the views of Rose Street and Princes Street is the Edinburgh Castle prisons which are kept in their original conditions.

I couldn’t imagine how the prisoners felt in the prisoners of war cells – probably extremely claustrophobic – then again I feel claustrophobic in trousers because I wear shorts so much.

Edinburgh castle is definitely a must for anyone visiting Edinburgh, along with Arthur’s Seat. IMG_0234















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