Sometimes people are good, sometimes they are bad.

I was on the way home from university today on the 4:42 train to Stoke.

Everything was normal: I was next to woman who was chatting to her friend. I had my earphones in listening to Tame Impala. Football Manager was loaded and my next game was against Everton. Crucial game for European places.

So as we pulled out of Uttoxeter, a village in Staffordshire, the train driver pressed his horn, like he usually does.

As he did so a little movement caught the corner of my eye as I altered my Football Manager tactics. Three young lads -they must have been 14 – walked by. One stuck his finger up at the train as the horn sounded.

Like what? You can not hurt the trains feelings you know, or are you that thick? I just do not understand why he did that, his friend fell to the floor and the other just looked at them embarrassed.

I understand it is not that much of a big deal but why waste energy making ridiculous hand gestures at a train?

On the other hand, whilst I was walking into university I witnessed one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

Firstly, Derby appears to have a very high number of homeless people, so seeing someone curled up in a doorway is not out of this world.

But one man obviously wanted to make a change to one man’s life. He handed the bloke a blanket before mounting his bike and cycling off before I could get to talk to him.

You choose who you want to be obviously, but if you do one thing to make someone smile per day you are a better person.



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