Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s Seat was created when Edinburgh’s dormant volcano erupted 250,000,000 years ago.

It is Edinburgh’s highest peak standing at 823ft above sea level.

So we decided to climb it on the last day starting at 10:45am.

I had walking boots and was obviously, again, very prepared.

My sister would complain all the way.

‘I’m cold’ – I bought her a spare jumper

‘I’m too hot’ – Put your coat through my bag

‘My hands are cold’ – I have some gloves

It is a good job I’m a solid and prepared 10/10.

After getting dressed up a hill was completed

We reached the ruins of an ancient chapel. There was a gap where the window would have stood and through it, perfectly alined, was a football stadium and the harbour with a mountain range in the back ground.

I was racking my brain to figure out which football stadium it was. I phoned my dad – Hibernian.


Onwards and Upwards

It was wetter underfoot now and we were sliding all over the place. No chance – I wasn’t going to get myself muddy. Thanks but no thanks.

Right about half way someone metaphorically flipped a switch and it went from calm and mild to windy with a chance of snow.

There was part of me that thought: ‘This is the end, I am going to fall to a grassy death or injury.’

However I did not fall and I faced a walk down, which was worse? A broken arm and a rapid decent or walking down on a slow decent?

Well having walked down we got to the bottom at 12:10pm and we were in the pub by 1pm.

After a beer and a steak and ale pie and a millionaire shortbread cheesecake I had quenched my thirst and satisfied my hunger (this is not an easy thing to do).


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