Midweek Edinburgh Trip

15417429459_b6035e5f97_o.jpgAnother spontaneous trip but this one a little closer to home.

We crossed the boarder at around 10:30am yesterday, after leaving Stoke at 7:30am.

The boarder crossing took us all by surprise.

The distinct difference in climate was clearly visible from England as we passed into Scotland – all through to Carlisle there was no sign of snow in the air or on the ground. Across the boarder there was a good two inches everywhere.

As far as the eye could see, across rolling hills – mountains in fact. The fir trees covered gently at the top and perfectly green towards the bottom.

After parking outside the apartment that we would be staying in – we unloaded the car and went to find the room.

In the space which was available the design was amazing there were two rooms, one of which a bedroom. The other a bathroom, kitchen, bed, living room all in one.

A double bed lay on top of the bathroom – it over looked the living room and kitchen.

After we had settled, showered and refreshed we wet back out and explored the main road, Princes Street.

Edinburgh Castle looked over the New Town, protecting it. And the Old Town looked over, analysing it – wanting the New Town to create as much history as itself.

I am very impressed so far as is everyone else. The architecture was amazing and the city contained so much history – it is as much education as it was exploration.




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