Nothing Done

As the second term of university edged ever closer, I hadn’t really seen anyone and I hadn’t really exercised – apart from walk to the fridge multiple times a day.

So, I and Liam agreed to meet up in Ashbourne and go for a walk. After battering my way through the floods and stair-rods of rain slating my car – I arrived and bought some fruit. I thought that this would give me enough change for the car park – so after forgetting to pick up my oranges off the counter I set off to the car park.

I got lost, I couldn’t see for rain and I couldn’t find Liam.

In the end I parked about 10 minutes outside Ashbourne town centre and Liam lent me some more change for the car park (£5.50 in total).

I changed into my hiking boots, got on my hat and scarf and reflected my inner grandad.

Liam was navigator I was moral supporter.

Our sense of direction was hell of a lot better to what it was in Lille – all the signs were in English, it was beautifully simplistic and beautifully English.

The floods had made for treacherous conditions underfoot but the scenery was incredible. Having lived in a safe-from-flood-zone all my life to see to high water levels, high velocity, and swollen rivers close up was an eye opening experience.

As we set on our 14 mile round trip, the first obstacle was Liam’s hole-ridden-trainers. Wearing two pairs of socks the stream running through 80% of the footpath was too much for both pairs to deal with.

Removing one and using the other as gloves we set off again – I was more prepared.

After reaching our turning off the Tissington Trail we took a wrong turn as we thought it was in the ‘general direction’ of Ashbourne.

Turns out you have to do some stupid manoeuvre around a hill over some national speed limit road, no thanks.

So we got back to the wrong turn and carried on downhill – over three flooded parts of the road and we came to a ford.

I joked ‘This ford is going to be like 7 foot deep and 15 foot wide’. We progressed and I was correct. Luckily, there was a bridge to the side (which was almost covered) but the footpath pointed to the opposite direction of Ashbourne and this terrain was not doing my feet any good.

We decided to beat the dark and head back down the Tissington Trail straight into Ashbourne.

On the way back we spoke football.

We decided that there is no chance Roy Hodgson will take Ryan Shawcross to the Euros but he should and that Stoke have the best goalkeeper in the league. Leicster have the best English centre midfielder in the league – Danny Drinkwater.

Things concluded from this walk:

  •          My feet are not durable
  •          I am unfit
  •          Jack Butland should be England number One
  •          English countryside is beautiful

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