In Brief: Lowering Uni Fees or Mary Berry

University fees have become the topic of discussion around many dinner tables and over £4 coffee in Starbucks – ironic.

The average course is around £9000 for a year of education.

But, for a degree which will shape your future, it shouldn’t really be discussed as ‘extortionate’ – just go and study, make the most of it and enjoy your future, if you do alright.

Mary Berry studied in France to gain better knowledge of different cuisines, and to get away from paying for her studies in England.

So she just upped and left, with a food and economic brain, with the intention, I guess, of saving a bit of dollar for the future.

I’d say she’s pretty successful, even if she isn’t everyones cup of tea, or slice of cake.

Lowering university fees would cause chaos. People would have less things to moan about, and us British love a good moan.

Would you like me to tell you what else we like?

Cake. We love cake.

Would you like me to tell you who makes cake?

Mary Berry. Mary Berry makes a good cake.




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