Fink: Manchester Academy 2 

The Cornish geniuses delivered their batch of energy and passion in this intimate venue with great success.

Arriving two hours early for a gig should be the way forward. Whilst waiting for the doors to open, a deep bassline came from above.

It was good. Being curious, the stair case would lead me to who was playing this magic.

On the floor above, doors wide open, guitar cases lying on the floor, Fink were perfecting the final touches to White Flag ahead of their last gig in England on their Hard Believer World Tour.

After five minutes of admiration the doors closed.

Fink’s support act for the evening was She Drew the Gun. The intimate venue was a perfect match for their deep bass and the lead singer’s captivating style.

They went off to a massive reception, and there is no doubt in my mind that they will go on to do amazing things.

Fink opened with a recent single – ‘Fall Into the Light’ – you could tell that the adrenaline was already flowing and that Fin Goodall (lead guitar and vocals of Fink) wasn’t here just for the money.

The live version of ‘Sort of Revolution’ was alluringly unrecognizable. It is fascinating how an artist can differ what they can do in a studio so much to what they do live; and how simple they make it look.

It was the contradictory intimate silences and brutal guitar solos which basically summed up Fink’s music.

They can go from blues to folk to reflecting Greenall’s hip-hop past. But that’s what makes Fink.

Drummer Tim Thornton left the drum kit behind during their song ‘Wheels’ off the album ‘Perfect Darkness’ to take up a place sitting on a box, which he musically hit to accompany Fink’s guitar and Guy Whittaker’s bass line.

You could see the sweat drip from Thornton’s face, and no doubt his hands too, as he banged his ‘little wooden box’.

Even the sound of his black Converse leaping off the ground could be heard.

Finishing their set with a deep version of ‘Perfect Darkness’, Fink returned to the stage to perform a one-song encore.

Closing with Berlin Sunrise – a song inspired by Goodall’s home in Berlin.

The band left the water back stage and replaced it with a bottle of Becks each.

With one minute left of the song – Goodall got down on his hands and knees in close proximity to his loop peddles and mixed unit by his feet.

He started to punch the peddles and turn some buttons and nobs and pluck his guitar once every 10 seconds to make the most amazing remix of his own song. It was unbelievable.

It was always going to be a passionate gig for Fink – baring in mind that they would be jetting off to play in Belgium the following day.

Their world tour includes another month of gigs, when their tour ends in Cologne on the 16th of November.


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