In Brief: Indoor Plumbing or World Peace?

Without indoor plumbing what do you have? Waste everywhere. You’d literally live in a shit-hole.

Many a sugary cup of tea, a vile builders bum and awkward small talk has taken place due to indoor plumping. That suited man under the sink is a good traditional sight.

Without world peace – however – we might be able to sing inappropriate songs at Steve McClaren at a football game. But thats just over rated, he is probably on £40,000 a week, so he doesn’t care.

World peace is just too hard to control – there is always going to be violence, even if we eliminate war we will still find two tribes in the Amazon Rainforest fighting about a frog. Or, we find two scorpions fighting over a grain of sand in the Sahara desert.

And if one species of animals abides by world peace, then others must too, including the scorpion: and i don’t think David Cameron is going to enforce Scorpion-world-peace.


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