Jaws @ The Deaf Institute

The floor was rocking and the night was madness.

When I told my grandma that me and my sister, Beth, were going to see Jaws at the Deaf Institute – she thought that it was a reenactment of the film Jaws for the deaf. So I played her a song. It was a nice idea.

We arrived early and waited in the bar for around 40 minute. I was tempted for food as the support act – Chartreuse – ate behind us.

Beth was scrolling through her Twitter feed and pointed out the lead singer was behind us. The guitarist and drummer joined her, confirming our suspicion – they had a distinctive style.

The venue was tight – consisting of a standing area, a balcony and a seating area at then back.

Chartreuse started the night off with six songs.

Before their last song called Holly, singer, Harriet Wilson, and Michael Wagstaff, guitar and vocals, both said a few words thanking Jaws for their support and the crowd for making it all possible for them.

This gig in Manchester, was their last date for their support as Hai Harvest take over for the rest of the UK tour.

A nicely balanced baseline and intense drums lay the marking for some echoy guitar and a Ben Howard-like voice. A perfect mix.

I got their set-list. Cheers.

Straight into a new single ‘What We Haven’t Got’, the floor started to shake and bounce.

You had to bounce with it or else you’d be out of sync with the waves and your legs wouldn’t move properly and then you’d be dragged down into a wave of incorrect bounce timings – not cool.

Bad Company marked the mid-ish-point. Deep guitar and deep bass combination lead to the biggest moshpit of the evening.

One song that sounded distinctively better live was BreeeeeeZe. I hadn’t appreciated it as much before but the song was one of the highlights of the evening. And obviously, Think too Much, Feel too Little was another highlight song – an absolute banger.

With two songs left lead singer, Connor Schofield, said to the crowd: “This would be the part where any other band would do an encore but I can’t be bothered to walk over there and back” pointing to a door a metre away, “so here’s two more songs.”

I’ve never seen a band play with so much passion – we got speaking to them all after the gig and the bassist told us how he had been asked to tour with the band after the previous left – he was the perfect fit in his over sized blue and white shirt.

Ending with Gold, Schofield declared: “This is the last song so feel free to lose your shit” and we did.

Moshpits, sweat, beer, stage dives, RatBoy crowd surfing, phones flying.

We waited for around 15 minutes after, before the bassist came out – I shook his hand and we took a picture.

He told me how he was ‘speechless’ with the reaction from the crowd then admitted that it was maybe because he was ‘a little drunk’.

‘Stick around, the lads will be out in a minute.’ He shook my hand and returned a couple of minutes after.

Everyone rushed over to Schofield for pictures, leaving the guitarist, Alex Hudson and drummer, Eddy Geach. ‘No-one cares about us’. We did so we got the lead singer to take a picture of Beth, myself, Geach and Hudson: before posing with Connor for a picture before we left.

You could see the floor shake from downstairs. It was worse than last year. In a good way.’

Jaws are in the process of releasing their second album, and theres no doubt in my mind that it will be incredible.

Jaws are next playing in Cambridge on the 1st of December before ending their UK tour in Birmingham on the 16th of December.


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