A Lille Adventure: The Crisis

After finding the bus – which arrived 30 minutes late – we were on and it was heading to London. It is sad to leave.

2:00am – The wifi cuts out so I can’t browse randomly on Twitter and Instagram.

2:28 – I’m just about to nod off and the coach driver uses his over head thing which rudely interrupted me. ‘We are having to find a new route due to a demonstration.’

2:44 am – He (driver) has made good progress and we have a route in – just the boarder control of France and Britain to go and then we are on the ferry into Dover. I have my eyes peeled for some photos. Nothing yet.

5:22am (English) – We have arrived in Dover and I feel horribly sick.

How amazing! First hand experience. I haven’t got a window seat, neither has Liam but we are trying our best to see what we can find.


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